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Content Strategy & Licensing

We know the way the content lives in digital world and help you build engaging content which will resonate with your audience. Also we guide you through the necessary licensing procedures and connect you with right holders and artists.

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Content Curation & Production

We produce original and relevant content to help you capture the attention of your audience. Also we provide translation, recording, editing, reproducing services for your audio visual content.

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Localization & Content Management

We provide localization services , including translation of the content in your web, app and social media channels to the Turkish language. We manage your content to help you reach to the local community effectively, in a timely manner.

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Marketing & Partnership Strategy

Partnerships help your business grow faster and smarter. We identity the best partnerships in the market for your product and deliver a strategy for implementation and marketing.


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We consulted UMGI on finding the best distribution partner for their music products in Turkey and managed the contractual procedures. After the signiture, we provided strategic support to the local licensee on building marketing & sales operations and royalty reporting structure.

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We provided consultancy for Turkcell owned music services, guided the company on creating the best content and product strategy. We educated Music & Entertainment team on global digital music licensing models and advised the better ways to apply those to their existing partnership deals.

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We localized TuneIn app and the website, including adding and maintaining online radio sources, translating the content to Turkish. We manage the local content promotions and report back the results and feedbacks from the consumer.

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We identifed and developed B2B partnership opportunities to support the growth and the reach of FreqSho platform. We developed and maintained close relationships with the music industry and the artists for the brand. We presented strategic insight and recommendations related to product/content marketing.

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We manage the quality control process for Viasat documentary promos customized for the Turkish market. We proofread the translation, ensure the grammar, spelling and phrasing are correct.

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We worked with the Business Development team of SXSW to attract Turkish creative industries and musicians to the festival.

Who We Are

Ozge Ergen profile

Ozge Ergen

Ozge has over 15 years of music industry experience, from working as a product manager in UMG and Turkcell to producing a radio show and writing for the most popular music press in Turkey. She reads, listens and travels to stay ahead of the trends in the music world and shares her knowledge whenever possible.

Selim Karakaya profile

Selim Karakaya

Having spent more than 20 years in the broadcast business, Selim is one of the most experienced producers in the Turkish independent radio history. He directed PR, Projects and Operations departments of major companies at broadcasting and online market. He writes stories and broadcasts a daily show at TRT.

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